What is RecircUP?

An innovative solution

Introduces a new recycling concept, where the citizens become part of the recycling process.
It stimulates the correct citizen's recycling actions, adding them value.

Participative and educational

The platform encourages citizens to create groups, with shared objectives, building a participative recycling game.
Teach new generations, the concept of recycling in a natural and funny way.

Circular solution

Adding value to the recycling actions, allows citizens to share that value with associations, groups and solidary causes of your community.
You generate the value!

How does it work?


Go to any of your community registry points, create groups with your friends and choose your goals! Will you be able to get them all?


Go to your nearest RecircUP container, identify and drop your empty packages to be recycled in the proper container.
Do it correctly to get many "BYNs"

Transform your BYNs

Your actions will be valuable!
You will be able to exchange the obtained BYNs for amazing rewards, discounts, etc...

Be solidary

You BYNs will allow you to share them and promote initiatives, organizations and groups of your community.

Advantages of using RecircUP

Upon many others, these are some of the new features you will obtain with the RecircUP platform adoption;

New and thrilling scenario for the citizens committed with the environment.

Monitor the container status (Fill level, temperature, humidity, vandalism...).

Get complete and powerful analytics about your citizen's recycling uses and habits.

Help recycling correctly sending news and alerts.

Teach kids how to recycle in a natural and funny way with our virtual pet "bYn"™.

You will be able to promote solidarity actions in a collaborative way, involving your community.


In this section you can find our application and all the information you need to start playing.

How does RecircUP work?
Download our explanatory brochure and...
Don't wait for them to tell you!

Download the app in Play Store.

Follow the steps indicated in our
Container Use Manual.

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